Chennai 28 – II Innings teaser – perfect sixer by Venkat Prabhu

The teaser of 'Chennai 28 - II Innings' is a perfect sixer by Venkat Prabhu
The one movie that showcased the fun, love, friendship of a group of men and their common love for cricket is Chennai 28. And now the much-awaited teaser of its sequel ‘Chennai 28 – II’ has been released and going Viral on Social Media.

“Venkat Prabhu is a pure copycat. He has looted the story from the English movie Hangover” starts ‘Mirchi’ Shiva in a vexed tone, but when he comes to know that Venkat Prabhu has deposited his salary in the bank account, Shiva says in full enthusisasm that, “Venkat Prabhu films are totally unique and this sequel is completely a different genre…”

The Sixty five seconds teaser with rib-tickling humour makes the Audience to laugh – out – loud. It has to be said that the teaser of Chennai 28 – II Innings is a perfect sixer played by Venkat Prabhu.