Yaakkai Movie Review

The movie begins with the killing of billionaire and hospital owner Radha Ravi who is rolled down from a fourteen-storey building in his costly car.

Then comes the introduction of Radha Ravi’s son Guru Somasundaram who is instantly shown with a negative shade making the audience believe that he is the one who planned his father’s death.

Guru is marked by diabetic cop Prakash Raj who investigates the case. Then we are introduced to the a viscom student Krishna who is in love with his collegemate Swathi.

In a sudden twist of events an auto driver, ambulance driver and a hospital manager are killed and Krishna is shown as the murderer, what happens next forms the rest of the story.

Krishna who always performs well seemed to lack in confidence to play the role of a college boy which was visible in the screen. On the other hand Swathi was like an angel disguised as human and is one of the biggest reliefs in the flick.

Guru Somasundaram should forget this flick as a bad dream as his role was written badly making him struggle like a novice.

Radha Ravi has not been used well however MS Bhaskar scores well in a serious role.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has given some pleasant melodies and the background score adds weightage to the flick .

Director Kulandai Velappan’s too much of detailing is done in many scenes resulting in boredom. Sathya Ponmar’s cinematography is a huge plus and Sabu Joseph has done a decent editing job.

Verdict: An interesting crime thriller which lags the screenplay to sustain the interest of the audience.

A lengthy suspense thriller