Vaigai Express Movie Review

Vaigai Express is the third flick in the Shaji Kailas-RK combo and is once again a thriller.

The plot revolves around a triple murder in a train from Madurai to Chennai. All the victims are women and are not related to each other.

RK comes as a special officer to investigate the case. While there was a terrorist who was suspected as the murderer, a series of twists and turns lead to surprise revelations.

The flick is a remake of Malayalam movie Nadiya Kollapetta Rathri. The original version had an intriguing screenplay with twists and turns and surprising revelations.

Though the director is unable to recreate the same magic, Vaigai Express has its own plus points and is good.

RK plays his role effectively. It is Neetu Chandra who steals the show with her acting as a famous shooter who is one of the three victims found in the train.

Music by Thaman is loud in many places and the lack of songs is one of the biggest relief of the movie. Sanjeev Shankar’s cinematography is another positive aspect worth mentioning in the flick.

Rating: 2.5/5 – Slow but steady