Paambu Sattai Movie Review

Paambu Sattai is the story of a man in desperation, how he responds to the situation and overcomes it.

Bobby Simha is a simpleton who works for a can-water supplier and lives with his sister-in-law after his brother passes away. He falls in love with Keerthy Suresh in traditional Kollywood style. He gets involved in a money laundering fraud to get out of the money jinx.

Considering that the movie was made in 2015, Bobby Simha has done an excellent job. With his rugged look he fits the character perfectly.

Muktha Banu who comes as Simha’s widowed sister-in-law makes her sad eyes do the talking when everyone taunts them since they lived in the same house.

Director Adam Dasan had to knit this emotional drama with a fake currency gambit which he was not able to do much successfully.

There are a few scenes that stand out and make the audience engaged to the movie, but predictable villains and a few unwanted scenes suck out the essence.

BGM and cinematography of the flick are good. This movie is worth watching for a few good scenes.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 – Attire, Sattire