Kadugu Movie Review

After a minor setback with his last venture 10 Endradhukulla, Vijay Milton’s Kadugu has released and has the director rectified his flaws from his previous flick?

The film portrays the life of many characters and how one incident brings all of them together is the crux.

Rajakumaran is a Puli Vesham artiste, a born good guy who feels happy to help people. He befriends Venkatesh, a police inspector when a problem comes during one of his programmes.

Rajakumaran starts helping Venkatesh and moves along with him when the policeman gets transferred to Tharangambadi.

Bharath Seeni who is the helper in the new police station also becomes friend with Rajakumaran. Then we are introduced to Bharath who is a respected young boxer and an aspiring politician in the town.

When everything seemed to be happening smoothly, a State Minister molests a girl during one of the political meetings organised by Bharth.

Keeping his political future in mind, Bharath brushes away the issue. However Rajakumaran and a school teacher Radhika Prasidhha bravely fight for her.

Unfortunately, the little girl, who looked upto Bharath, ccommits suicide. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Vijay Milton has used strong characterisations to keep the audience engaged and though the script is not new he has given it a fresh perspective.

The casting of all the lead roles have been made perfectly and they have carried their characters beautifully.

Anoop Seelan’s background score, at times feels overdone. Vijay Milton as cinematographer has made every frame interesting. Though there are minor flaws in the flick the script and the presentation keep the audience engaged.

Kadugu is yet another movie which shows that big names don’t matter when you have a strong content.

Rating: 3.2/5 – Spice is nice