Enkitta Mothathe Movie Review

Set in the 1980s, Natty aka Natraj plays an fanatic Rajini worshipper in Enkitta Mothathey while his friend and colleague Rajaji is a die hard Kamal Haasan fan.

In a feud Natty beats a policeman forcing the duo to move to their home town Tirunelveli where they become successful artists.

Rajaji has eye for his neighbour Parvathi Nair while his sister Sanchita Shetty falls for Natty.

A local politician played by Vijay Chidambaram is irked by the fight between fans when Rajini’s Manithan and Kamal’s Nayagan release on the same day.

Vijay Chidambaram along with theatre owner and politician Radha Ravi plan to ban cutouts in th town. In the meanwhile there is a rift between the friends because of Natty and Sanchitha love..

Natty has surpassed his previous best performances and has perfected his body language and voice modulation to suit a Rajini fan. Rajaji who had prominence in the first half is sidelined in the second half, while Sanchitha fits the role of the 80s middle class girl.

Director Ramu Chellappa has shed light on the politics that happened between the fans of Rajini and Kamal when they were at their peak.

Natarajan Shankaran’s songs and background score fit nicely with the theme and C Ganesh Chandra has not experimented much with the camera work which is a good aspect.

While the first half seems engaging the second half starts to drag with repetitive scenes. The director has tried to convey the clash between the fans of two big stars of the industry. He however seemed to have lost track in between. But the engaging screenplay will keep you entertained

Rating: 3/5 – Friends and Foes